Sunday, November 19, 2006

Special Weekend Post: Freakonomics Inferno

Over the past two weeks my post Freakonomics in the Kitchen has become one of the most popular posts ever, largely due to a link on the Official Freakonomics Website. In addition to MATHEMATICALLY PROVING that Taco Bell is cheaper than cooking at home, this post has generated numerous comments, as many emails, and several subsequent posts by me (like this one). To give you a glimpse of the passion this debate's fueled, here's the most recent anonymous comment:

Short sighted much?
The vast majority of opportunity cost is irrelevant, people are limited at 40 hours a week in virtually all jobs. That 30 minutes or whatever you calculate at 8/hr couldn't be spent working since most people aren't allowed to work overtime. Just one small aside to the total idiocy of that post.


When you champions out there read such strong words, I think it's important for you to get the FULL STORY. So here's a complete index of the debate.

Freakonomics in the Kitchen - the spark that lit the fire that started the inferno (including a litany of reader comments)
Comment on the Official Freakonomics Website - legitimacy achieved
Math Under Attack! - a post responding to particularly inacurate assaults on the Champion
Wanted: Healthy Food - an old post refuting the idea that TB is unhealthy, referenced during the debate
Beholden to No One - a post responding to a comment on the Healthy Food post, clearly written by a Freakonomics partisan
Freakonomics Inferno - this post

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