Thursday, November 16, 2006

Border Bullets: Indian Invasion

Some quick TB updates (some submitted by you champions out there)...
  • Taco Bell is opening in India! For the first time almost a billion Indians will have a chance to eat the best food America has to offer. This is good for Taco Bell and it's good for Indians, but I can't help but suspect David Novak's motives. Does he want to become one of India's thousands of gods?
  • A car smashed into an Indiana (not India) Taco Bell this week. Remarkably, no one was injured. This surprises me because, as I've said before, TB does one and only one thing well: make kick-ass tacos. Their restaurants are often dirty shit-holes and their employees rude. I wouldn't be surprised if the structural integrity was also questionable, simply because of TB's single-minded commitment to taco excellence.
  • A Boston man is accusing Taco Bell of putting heroin in his soft taco. I'm no Philip Marlowe , but I'd suspect this chick.
  • *Not Taco Bell Related* -- Have you ever seen the NBC soap opera Passions? That show is fucking crazy. I watched five minutes earlier this week, and it seemed that a guy saves sick/dying women by having sex with them while they sleep. According to Wikipedia, they also have a "orangutan caretaker" named Precious. And mermaid characters.
  • And finally, a pick-me-up to remind us all why this fight of ours really matters. WE LOVE YOU TOO.
From flickr via the Consumerist

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