Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trans-fat Triumph

I remember watching Olympic women's gymnastics a while back--spying for camel-toes, as always--and I saw this Russian girl (or Latvian, or Slovenian, or whatever) win the Gold Medal. And then she started crying, and I had less respect for her. Well, I've changed my mind because NOW I KNOW HOW SHE FEELS.

Just last week I wrote a post about Yum! Brand's discriminatory policy of removing deadly trans-fat from KFC food but not Taco Bell tacos. Well apparently David Novak was listening. The Associated Press is now reporting that Taco Bell has announced that it, too, will begin removing trans-fat from food.

Congratulations, champions! This is the first proof-positive piece of evidence that this little blog of ours is making a difference. We ask. They answer.

I don't buy for a second Warren Widicus' outrageous claim that "This is something we've been working on for over two years." That's just a cheap way of taking the credit we deserve, Warren, and you and your alliterative name know it. Who is Warren Widicus, anyway? Here are your choices:
(a) Harry Potter villain
(b) Taco Bell Chief Food Innovation Officer
(c) Shit-for-brains

If you answered (b) and (c), you'd be right. (He's a shit-for-brains for "innovating" various nacho cheese replacements of shredded cheese and stealing the Taco Bell Champion's trans-fat thunder.)

There is one troubling piece of news in this otherwise excellent development. According to the report, TBs that share their space with other Yum brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.) will use a different trans-fat replacement, soybean oil, than regular Taco Bells, which will use canola oil. You know my feelings on hybrid-Taco Bell abominations, namely that they sully the TB experience. But now the offence is much worse: not only will the experience be different, but the TACOS THEMSELVES will be different. I'd rather have heart disease than be treated like a second-class citizen.

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