Monday, November 06, 2006

Border Bullets: TB Pro-Cancer

Some quick TB updates...
  • TB just announced a new "coins for cancer" program supporting the Jimmy Fund. That's fine and dandy, but what I want to know is why only New England Taco Bells are participating? Do TBs elsewhere support the world's most deadly killer? Stop f-ing around with us. Seriously.
  • Phoenix Sun guard Raja Bell gets unlimited tacos. From what I can tell, he got this offer because (a) he used to work at TB, (b) his name is Bell, and (c) he's a famous celebrity. Ironic that the person least in need of free tacos--a multimillionaire--gets them. Raja Bell needs free tacos like I need a book on tough-guy street-smarts.
  • Gmail's ad selection sucks. This morning my email had an ad for Cocaine Cowboys, a documentary about the blow trade. Where did that come from!?! Where are my ads for Desperado and Three Amigos and Timecop (which, little known fact, is about David Novak)?
  • Sexy and smart.
  • *Not Taco Bell Related* -- Just saw "The Prestige," the new movie about MAGICIANS! It stars Wolverine and Batman and was directed by the "Memento" dude. It fucking rocks. Check out the website.

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Taco Bell Champion! said...

Hard core champions will recognize the bottom bullet of this post as a post from a week or two ago. I got some complaints that THE PRESTIGE isn't Taco Bell related (although they are both awesome). I decided to move the post and put it here instead. Tough choices; that's why I'm the boss and you're paid to type and look pretty.