Monday, April 03, 2006

Not Everyone is a Champion

I'd like to share an email I got from a friend about our Revolution:

> That's really your blog? Your write that much?
> About taco bell? Really ...really?
> It was a bit of a twilight zone moment to first
> discover and follow the link at 6:10am, and then
> find it impossible to convince myself that you
> didn't really write all that.
> You're really writing that much about taco bell?
> And getting comments?
> Wow.
> It's...I don't know...insane. Don't get me wrong,
> I love taco bell. I even took myself there earlier
> today!
> But, just, to write about it, and that much?
> I must be dumb orsomething. You're not writing
> all that. It's someone else's blog and you just
> linked to it. Someone else from Minnesota who
> works in Midtown and is obsessed with Taco Bell.
> Jesus, what's going on?

What does this tell us, Champions? It tells us that not everyone is a true Taco Bell Champion. Sure, my friend loves TB (he went there more recently than I did), but he isn't willing to stand up for it. Not everyone is a Patrick Henry.

Friends, this shouldn't dishearten us. On the contrary, it puts an even greater onus on us. We're not just fighting for ourselves. We're fighting for those too weak to fight for themselves.


Johnny said...

As large marches continue to take place across the nation in support of the rights of undocumented immigrants, I hope that those millions of voices will join Taco Bell Champion's in solidarity. For are the two issues really so different? At the end of the day, shouldn't all people simply be allowed the chance to "head for the border"?

sloppy nachos said...

It's "run for the border," johnny. "Run for the border" is the frivolous catch-phrase and mode of frenzied escape attempted by brave people who have no economy or food.

johnny said...

This is an interesting debate: Is it "run" or "head"? My memory says "head," as does the Tagline Guru (, but the Google hits seem to side with you, breaking down as follows:
"Taco Bell" "Head for the Border": 304
"Taco Bell" "Run for the Border": 18,500

sloppy nachos said...

"Head for the border" is a solemn reference to those who are beheaded (by gunfire or razorwire) as they run for the border. I think it was used briefly to usher in the gordita, a kind of "taste-bud explosion" thing.

AKR1970 said...

We must carry the burden for those who can not. For those who have been given much, much will be asked.