Friday, April 21, 2006

Border Bullets: Fourthmeal

Some quick TB updates...

  • Taco Bell has unveiled a trippy new website promoting their late night menu called Fourthmeal. It seriously creeps the hell out of me. Humble suggestion: Spend more money opening quality restaurants, David, and less on new forums for child-predators to work their wiles.
  • Another blog, ManhattanOffender, has shouted out to the Champion! "One blogger has a quest to see a Taco Bell in Mid-Town. If only he would put his efforts to the causes of good." That's exactly what Slave-No-One-Remembers said to Spartacus.
  • That red-headed bitch, Wendy, is apparently trying to steal away the President of Taco Bell, Emil Brolick. I've never seen Emil--he's like the guy behind the curtain in Oz, except German--but I can't imagine he'd leave the Bell for a chain of Dave Thomas mausoleums. (Thanks to Tubby Bastard for the info.)
  • Taco Bell Champion has gone global! Recent visitors to the site have come from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand and (not surprisingly) Mexico. TACOS!
  • I have added contact info to the site. Email me!


Nancy10002 said...

I love your blog!!! You should apply to be El Presidente of Taco Bell!

I'd vote for you! xoxo!

tsteel said...

Hey there. I also have enjoyed reading your blog and wrote about it today on my blog, the epi-log, on Hope it gets you some more readers!

Johnny said...

Not even the fancy-pantses, the big-spending guardians (suckers) of Manhattan cui$ine, can ignore the Champion as the taco Bell rings forth, louder and louder, through the New York night! OH! WAIT!! WHAT'S THAT NOISE IN THE DISTANCE? THAT RUMBLING?? AVALANCHE OF ENTHUSIASM, MOTHERFUCKER!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via In case you hadn't realized, I thought you should know that the editor wrote about your blog in her own blog.

Taco Bell Champion! said...

I've added, specifically epi-log to my links and will mention it in today's post. Thanks so much for helping to spread the revolution!

And Johnny, you're the kind of man I like. FUCK YEAH!

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