Thursday, April 20, 2006


Exciting news for the Champion today!

First and foremost, I ATE AT TACO BELL! I made the 20 minute trek to the Whore on 36th Street (previous post) for lunch. Even more rewarding than the chow itself was the camaraderie of standing in line with other Champions. These are people who bear the indignity of waiting in front of a donut case for a quarter hour AND, given the neighborhood, are risking violent rape. Yet they wait. All for the tasty goodness that is Taco Bell. (Pictures--and my reaction to the Crunchwrap Supreme--will be posted as soon as I figure out my fucking camera phone.)

Second, it seems that the fire is spreading, friends. Legitimate blogs have linked to our revolution. I don't know much about "cuisine" or "fine dining," so I haven't read much of these blogs, but I'm sure Abraham Lincoln was too busying freeing the slaves to read Federalist 10.

MUG: Manhattan Users Guide
"We're not sure this a cause we'd take up with any enthusiasm."

"Listage: blogger desperately seeks 'Bell for midtown"

eat drink one woman
"The problem with joining this guy's refried crusade is that we got a Taco Smell in Sunset Park and I don't want it."

I know what you're thinking: "They seem a bit condescending, Champ." Maybe, friends, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth. For the record, I've done a quick search on each blog for "truffles" and here are the results:

MUG: 5
Curbed: 6
edow: 9

Of course, I did the search on my own site. How many times did I mention truffles?

TBChampion: 0



Taco Bell Champion! said...

Slow down, Dickweed. You were about to post and say: "But, wait, now you have a reference to truffles on your site, so it's not 0 references, it's 1." I already thought of that, and I've got two responses:

#1. When I was *writing* the post, there were no references to truffles on my site.

#2. My post is *ironic*. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but you still understand what I'm saying. I'm sure the other blogs didn't have 5+ posts each making fun of other blogs that talk about truffles.

Now you've got two options. You can just close this window and go on your merry way, no one ever knowing that you were going to attack the TBChamp.


You can be a man and write a post something like this:

"Champion, I was going to write a bitchy message about your truffle posting but you OUTWITTED ME. I won't make the same mistake again. Sincerely, Dickweed"

Anonymous said...

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